Just Dew It Expert Tips on Achieving Dewy Looking Skin

Armenta, 22, preparing to help clients achieve dewy skin

Armenta, 22, preparing to help clients achieve dewy skin

Though at one point during childhood he said “I’d never want to do that as a job” after being told he’d make a great makeup artist, Estephan Armenta, now a Business Manager for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He does product tutorials and makeovers for about ten clients a day and one of his favorite things about his job is “co-creating makeup looks for a customer and getting to know them.” He especially loves making his customer’s skin look good and “creating radiance.”

To produce a fresh, dewy look for his customers, Armenta has a few tricks up his sleeve. To get a dewy look for yourself, he says to:

-keep skin moisturized

-use a light-reflecting highlighter like Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer($62)

-use a foundation with a dewy finish

He also says, “If you’re prone to excess oil in the t-zone, try a sheer powder in that area to soften the shine.” His go-to sheer powder is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact($62).

He offers to use the products on me to illustrate his tricks and I accept. After demonstrating his skills on me, I’m left with glowing skin and picture perfect eyebrows(lookout for his upcoming article on brows).

The makeup artist loves learning tricks of the trade and follows makeup trends closely. Of the Armani brand, Armenta says, “I love that all products are born backstage at Armani runway shows. It’s what’s unique about the brand.”

Armenta’s 5 Favorite Giorgio Armani Products:

Crema Nuda Tinted Cream($200)
Fluid Sheer ($62)
Acqua Pantelleria($125)
Ecstasy Lacquer($38)
Eye and Brow Maestro($34)

For more information about the products mentioned above, visit giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com

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