Food For Thought SKINFOOD Offers A Nail Polish Remover Above All Others

The one thing I don’t like about wearing nail polish is having to eventually take it off. No one wants chipped polish, but they also don’t want finger cramps and carpel tunnel from the rigorous removal process or the severe smell of acetone left in their nose for who knows how long. My dislike of nail polish removers got to the point where I’d rather buy nail polish that easily peels off than do the dirty work that would more than likely leave my nails dry and peeling. Thanks to the SKINFOOD Grapefruit Nail Polish Remover(from $6.75 at, though, I can now get the job done in a much more convenient way.

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Not only is the remover super strong, but its strength comes without the unbearable stench of acetone. It does contain the chemical but is scented with an appealing citrusy grapefruit fragrance. Plus, I was amazed at the fact that it took less of this gentle polish remover than the regular kind to remove the polish. Another bonus: the nutrients in the grapefruit extracts loaded into the remover nourish your nails. My nails were left looking smooth and clean; no peeling or dryness! I finally found the one nail polish remover that does a great job without damaging my nails and has a scent that doesn’t make me nauseous. My love for this product has led me to purchase other products from the SKINFOOD brand, an Asian-oriented company that hires experts to study the benefits of food on the skin to formulate moisturizing and nourishing products.

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