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While it can be stressful being a hostess, guests also feel pressure and discomfort when staying in someone else’s home. By making a guest feel more comfortable during their stay and providing them with everything they may need, you’re doing yourself a favor, too. Not only will you reign Hostess Supreme, but creating the perfect guest room will reduce any awkwardness(guests won’t feel the need to ask for anything, preventing them from feeling any embarrassment or guilt) and give you the ability to not have to hover over them and feel like you’re babysitting or acting as the resident tour guide. By stocking up on the necessities listed below, you’ll save your guest time and money and make their visit more pleasant for everyone including yourself. You’ll all have privacy and can come together when possible to have fun. After preparing your guest room, spend a night in the room to make sure everything is comfortable and to see if anything is broken or in need of replacing. Don’t spend more than what you can afford, though. While each item on the list adds something special, not everything is a complete necessity. Mix and match what works for your budget and, if everything on the list entices you(which is probable), shop for cheaper brands or watch out for sales.

The Best Guest Room:
Every guest room needs a comfortable bed, nightstand, mirror, and closet/space to hang and store clothes. Also supply the room with these must-haves:

-Motion sensor night light. Put one in the hallway as well so guests can find their way around at night.
-Luggage rack. Guests won’t have to bend down to unpack or go through their luggage and it will prevent them from tripping as well.
-Mirror. A mirror not only makes the room seem more spacious, but it allows your guest to get ready without having to hog the bathroom.
-Tray. Your guest can decide whether they want to use the tray for jewelry, toiletries, books and magazines, or breakfast in bed. It’s a chic way to reduce clutter, too.
-Neutral, clean colors and design. Each guest’s personality will be different so it’s best to not overwhelm them with overdecorating. The items mentioned in the rest of this list will add enough decor and make the room feel nice and cozy.

A comfortable bed is a must if you want your guests to sleep well. Also, make sure the bed is outfitted with these:

-Clean sheets, obviously.
-High-quality linens(nothing itch-inducing).
-Lots of pillows. The more the better. You never know how many your guest usually needs to sleep comfortably and having extra pillows will also allow them to stack them so they can read in bed.
-Extra blankets. These can be placed on a nearby chair or on the foot of the bed so guests can layer as many as they need.
-A luxurious throw. This is an investment worth splurging for and your guests will thank you for it.

-Aside from the obvious usual nightstand necessities-alarm clock, candle, and tissues- these are other items you can put on the nightstand for the guests to enjoy:
-Cups/carafe, so guests don’t have to look through all the cabinets in the middle of the night when they’re thirsty, for instance.
-Books and recent magazines, making sure to also have a lamp available for use(you can put a book lamp in the drawer as well).
S-et of house keys on a large keychain. That way guests can come and go freely and, because of the large keychain, they won’t lose them.
-Emergency supplies(first aid kit, flashlight, etc.). Hopefully, they won’t have to use them, but it will make your guests feel safe. Also, write a note with information like your home address, numbers of close-by family members, and any security codes.
-Set maps, brochures to local attractions, a guide to your city, event listings, and an example itinerary on the nightstand. It will help your guests get an idea of what activities are accessible in your area so they can explore independently.

A desk with a chair is great if you have the room. If you don’t have space, though, a stool or small coffee table should work just as well. Here’s what the desk should be equipped with:

-Fresh flowers(in a simple vase). They add a touch of elegance, decor, and fragrance.
-Universal charger. Most people tend to forget something when packing and if that something is a charger, one of their much-needed gadgets can be rendered useless. By providing a universal charger, you can give your guest peace of mind.
-Notepad and a pen. It’s simple but useful and will likely come in handy whether they need to take down directions or they want to leave you a note letting you know how long they’ll be out.

In the closet:
Always make sure the closet is cleaned out when you’re expecting guests. If there is no hanging room(or no closet), there should, at least, be a set of drawers so guests don’t have to live out of their luggage the whole trip. Also, place hooks around the room as it adds space. Make sure your guest room closet comes ready with:

-Hangers. The wooden kind looks the best, but at the very least, you should have plastic ones.
-Luxe robe. It’s a nice surprise to find a luxurious robe hanging in the closet.
-Steamer. Your guest may have to go to a fancy event or a business meeting and wrinkled clothes are a big no-no. Place the steamer in your guest room, but use it for yourself when you’re home alone.

Other Nice Touches:
Aside from the expected, your guests will appreciate any extra effort you put into making their stay more comfortable. When someone visits, try to have on hand:

-Snacks. Contact your guests beforehand and find out what they like to snack on. It’s a nice surprise and reduces grocery runs. By letting them you know you bought food just for them and by giving them access to the fridge and pantry, they’ll feel more welcomed and at home.
-Mini toiletries. Whether you spring for luxury products or go for cheaper versions, stocking their room/bathroom prevents guests from having to borrow your stuff or feel the need to run to the store if they forgot something.
-Small coffee maker. Just like it would at a hotel, a coffee maker allows a guest to fully wake up and relax alone before getting ready.
-Box of chocolates. Gifting candy is a sweet gesture, literally.


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