Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff The Best Deodorants and Sprays

It’s not a good workout if you don’t sweat. That being said, it’s not very fun to feel sticky and smelly and sometimes the negative effects of sweat can last all day. To prevent soaking through your shirt or reeking of perspiration and for ways to freshen up after a long workout session, here are some great products. They’ll combat the issues that bother you the most leaving you feeling more comfortable(and smelling wonderful!).

Degree MotionSense Fresh Energy Dry Spray Antiperspirant($4.99 at
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Coming in five different scents, the Degree MotionSense line has received rave reviews. All of the scents smell great(especially the Fresh Energy), last for 48 hours, and utilize new MotionSense technology that allows the deodorant to work as you move. Plus, it goes on clear and doesn’t damage clothes(that means no more white marks, ladies)!

Adidas for Women Fruity Rhythm Body Fragrance($8.99 at CVS)
Somewhere between a perfume and a deodorant, this spray is great for active women. It’s made with notes black currant, raspberry, cyclamen, freesia, and musk and smells delicious.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid($7.45 at
Always a favorite among medical professionals, Secret is at it again. This deodorant has been proven to be four times more effective against wetness caused by changes in sweat than ordinary antiperspirants. It also offers one-hundred percent odor protection. It lasts for 48 hours and is designed to prevent bacteria, odor, and sweat.

For Men:

Axe White Label Dry Spray($7 in drugstores)
While Axe doesn’t have the best rep with the ladies(really guys, sometimes you spray way too much!), this spray may change that. The spray deodorant goes on dry and smells fresh. The manly scent is made with lemon, ginger and coconut and it smells great. Not to deter you from showering, but this is another deodorant made to last up to 48 hours.


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