Going, Going, Gone! 7 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

While the world is filled with many wonders, both natural and manmade, some of the most amazing places on Earth may not be here much longer. Plenty of tourist-favorite destinations will disappear during our lifetime, in fact. Some of these disappearances are due to damages from pollution, climate change, and human contact. Much of the destruction is by us humans and it’s sad to know that while many of these beautiful sites have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years, they might have only a few years left. Each place on this list is well-known, but you probably didn’t know they could be gone soon.

Great Barrier Reef
It’s predicted by scientists that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef could be completely gone by 2030. It has decreased by more than half its original size in the past 30 years. Rising temperatures are the culprit and increased acid pollution has caused many of the reef’s famed vibrant corals to turn white.

The Taj Mahal
India’s most popular attraction is at risk due to pollution. As one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal attracts a lot of visitors(which, along with pollution, eat away at the landmark’s white stone facade), but even if it doesn’t collapse due to its frail foundation, tourism officials are considering closing it off from the public completely.

The Bride of the Sea has been sinking for years; it has sunk nine inches in the last 100 years. Rising sea levels and severe floods are putting the city known for its gondola rides at risk of disappearing under water. Venice is expected to last only 70 more years.

The Maldives
Climate change has caused the island nation to slowly sink to its demise. It’s predicted that within 100 years, it will be totally submerged under water.

Montana’s Glacier National Park
The park’s number of glaciers has decreased from one hundred and fifty to 25 and it’s expected that within 15 years there will be no glaciers left at all. This is another instance in which climate change is to blame.

Mayan Ruins
Sadly, the Mirador Basin and Tikal National Park in Guatemala, which both house the remnants of the ancient Mayan Civilization, face problems like illegal looting and nearby fires.

Madagascar’s Forests
With only another 35 years left predicted, the beautiful forests have been destroyed and face more destruction from fires and mass deforestation.


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7 Places to Visit Before They Disappear
A list of places that may not be here for much longer.

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