So Fresh and So Clean The New Facial Cleansing Line From Kleenex

Hearing that Kleenex has a new facial cleansing line with new beauty products may not be the most exciting news you’ve heard all day, sure. When you consider how affordable, effective, and convenient the products in the line are, though, your curiosity should at least be peaked. When I received the full line in the mail not too long ago, I squealed with excitement. I was excited not because the exfoliating pads mean I no longer have to endure washing off a million beads from my face nightly(though that’s a plus) or because the facial cleansing wipes will come in handy after a sweaty workout(which they will) but, honestly, because of how pretty everything looked. Seriously, the cute purple and white packaging and clear, refillable dispensers, made the products seem high end. Plus, almost every product in the line attacks more than one beauty problem. The exfoliating pads are infused with a water-based cleanser and, in addition to exfoliating, they clean and polish as well. The facial cleansing wipes not only remove dirt and sweat but makeup too. The cotton soft pads work as a 5-in-1 beauty tool that can be used to both remove and apply makeup, apply toner, remove nail polish, and wash skin. The other two products, eye makeup remover pads, and “shine away” sheets, have only one purpose each-the pads remove eye makeup and the sheets lift excess oil- but they achieve what you want them to without the downsides other products have. For instance, the eye makeup remover pads can handle mascara with no problem and the sheets remove sweat and oil without smudging makeup.

Look how pretty!

Look how pretty!

While squealing maybe was a little over the top, I honestly love each product as much as I expected I would once I saw them in person. Not only are the products presented nicely, but they utilize quality fabrics. With the fabric-based technology exclusive to Kleenex, each product among the line is made with a textured, multi-layered fabric that holds gentle cleansers and is infused with a pro-vitamin complex to promote smoother, healthier skin.

Now about the prices. As I said, each product is affordable(it’s Kleenex after all!) and will save you a pretty penny. Instead of spending a fortune on beauty products, you can spend just a few dollars for what you need. The prices of the products in the Kleenex Facial Cleansing line range from $4.99 and $7.99. The only downside is that, for now, the products are only available for purchase on the Kleenex website( It is a little more fun to receive everything in the mail, though. You might not squeal, but you’ll definitely get excited when your package filled with quality beauty products arrives at your door.


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