First World Problems Ingenious Inventions That Make Life Even Easier

Likely you’re familiar with the term “first world problems.” We in America and those in other wealthy nations have life so good that our most common problems are so small they’re almost laugh-worthy. Common first world problems include losing the remote to the tv, having to wake up early for work, or the Starbucks barista getting your order wrong. While not all of our laughable annoyances can be solved, some can and some have been. Here is a list of products that solves first world problems, including some you didn’t even know you had.

Fingerprint Bookmark($5.95 at
This clever bookmark not only marks the page you’re on but points to the exact spot you left off on. No more skimming to find your place. Phew!

Wireless Headphones(Pair pictured are $18.99 at
Even if you’re not a runner, wireless headphones can come in handy. You’re able to move around without carrying your phone and you won’t get caught or tangled up in anything. Plus, the Apekx QY7 Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth Stereo Sweatproof In-Ear Lightweight Headphones pictured above are voice activated to make using them that much easier.

GrOpener($16 at
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 7.22.46 PM
Just when you thought a bottle opener couldn’t get any easier to use, out came the one-handed GrOpener, which also makes it easier for amputees and those who have suffered strokes.

Baggy Holder Storage Rack($3.99 at
Instead of holding a plastic bag with one hand and attempting(unsuccessfully) to pour food into it without spilling anything, just use the Baggy Holder Storage Rack. Simply fasten bag under clips and you’re ready to pour. It can also be used for drying plastic bags you’d like to reuse.

Self-Cleaning Brush(from $9.99 at
As the seen in the image above, a self-cleaning brush can be cleaned in one easy step.


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