Making The Move Tips on Making The Moving Process Go Smoothly

Moving house can be daunting. The costs, the packing, and all the other little stressful tasks that come with moving aren’t always fun. Knowing there’s a big reward at the end(getting to finally sleep in your new place) doesn’t completely provide the push you need to get everything done. If you’re in the middle of a move and need help, read these tips on making your move as stress-free as possible.

Before Packing

-Take pictures of connected electronics so you can refer back to the photo for how they should be set up.
Gather all of your baskets, hampers, and suitcases to use instead of boxes.
Make a packing supplies basket. Packing tape, labels, scissors, sharpies, baggies, a screwdriver, and a utility knife are just a few things you’re going to need.
Don’t take your clothes off the hanger. It’ll make for faster unpacking.
Vacuum seal any of your clothes that are not in season or any extra towels and linens to save space and time.
Find out who can help. You may be surprised who’s willing to lend a helping hand and very grateful once you see how much less work it is.
Hire movers for large furniture(if you don’t have a big enough car) and valuables as they’re the experts and will know how to get everything to your new home safely.
Change your mailing address 2 weeks prior to moving for both big and small stuff so you don’t forget later.
Sell the valuables you don’t want and donate the rest. It’ll save on packing and space.
Don’t go grocery shopping within 2 weeks of your move so you don’t have to throw anything out. Also, clean and defrost your fridge the day before moving out.

Packing Tips

First things first, pack an overnight bag with all the essentials. You might not have enough energy to unpack everything right when you move in.
Pack anything you’ll need first(like within the first few days of moving in) in clear plastic tubs.
Put heavy items(like books and magazines) in small boxes and light items( like pillows and sheets) in bigger boxes. You can also use rolling luggage for heavy items to make transporting them easier.
Pack the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lightest on top.
Fill up the box completely, without leaving any space to make them more balanced and less loose.
Pack everything from the same room together. It’ll make unpacking a lot easier.
Label your boxes with descriptions of the contents. It’ll help you or your movers put everything in the right place.
Make sure boxes are taped well so nothing falls through.
Pack dishes and other fragile items on their side and provide enough padding. You can use clothing instead of bubble wrap to save money and time(clothes and dishes all packed at once!).
Use wine boxes for glassware and beer boxes for books(the handles come in handy).
When packing makeup, place cotton balls in your powder makeup to prevent them from cracking.
To ward off spills, cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap and then put the lids back on.
To avoid packing up all your clothes and then your furniture, too, cover your drawers with Press’n Seal to prevent clothes moving around or falling out. You can also use Press’n Seal for jewelry as well.
Group boxes together with a roll of stretch wrap.
Use sandwich bags to store any small parts of items you’ve dismantled.

Pre Move-in

Before you lug all of your stuff over, get some cleaning supplies and visit your new place to clean and bring in a few small items like toilet paper, a shower curtain liner, and towels.
Also, take pictures of how everything looks before you move in if you’re renting, and ask for your landlord to do a walk-through.
Test everything out to make sure it works(lights, stove, washing machine, etc.) You don’t want to find out at the time you need it.
The day or day before you’re planning to move, stock up your new home with groceries so you don’t have to make too many stops the day of.

During the Move

Cover your mattress with a sheet on top and fitted on the bottom as well to keep it from getting dirty.
Lay out everything you’re going to bring so you can determine how to place things and which should come with you first.
Pack the vehicle you’re using to move as tight as possible to prevent things from moving around.
Break up the packing so you don’t get overwhelmed. Unpack what you’ll need first then start moving to the things that can wait.

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