Make Your House a Home Seven Products That Will Enhance Your Home

I have never been much into interior decorating. When I lived with my mom, I let her take the reigns and decide how my room would be decorated. At my dad’s, I had no decorations at all except for my early teens when I had posters of pop stars lining the walls. In my dorm room: nothing. In my first apartment that I shared with my cousin, he was the one that shopped at the home goods stores to spruce up the place(also, my room was technically the living room so I couldn’t make it too personal). In my last New York apartment I inhabited with roommates, I didn’t see the point of making the room really feel like mine because I knew I’d be out in a year.

Now that I finally have a place all to my own, though, I see home decor in a new light. I notice people’s curtains when I’m a guest in their house. I can’t get enough of magazines on home and garden(yes, that includes Better Homes & Gardens). Every time I go to the store, I see something I would love to have in my apartment. Though my lease is only for a year, it’s all mine so I feel that I should give it a little TLC to make it fee like home. Decor and style aren’t the only ways to upgrade your home, though. The right kitchen tools, storage ideas, and bathroom features all add to the function and feel of your living space as well. Just like with anything(beauty, food, and travel especially), I have to share the fun and exciting things I find with you readers. Here are a few innovative/nice-to-look-at products you’ll want in your home now.

Bodum Bistro Thermal Double Walled Glass Mugs($49.99 for two at
These 15 ounce mugs aren’t only nice to look at. The mugs, which are made with that resistant borosilicate glass that maintains the temperature of contents longer. No matter how hot or how cold your beverage is, the outside of the mug will remain at room temperature! Plus, they’re dishwasher and microwave safe.

Certified International Chelsea Collection Porcelain 4.75″ Quatrefoil Bowl($8 at
Certified International makes quirky and fun dishes like this bowl. Their bowls are made of porcelain and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Seoul Stone Shower Sensation Tri-function($19.98 at
The two layers of mineralized stones in the Seoul Stone shower head create a unique look for a shower head and reduce water impurity, chlorine, and bacteria. This, in turn, helps fight against damaged hair and skin. The updated design features three sprays: massage, jetting, and rainfall.

J.A. Henckels International Knife Storage, Magnetic Strip($19.99 at
Magnetic strips are great to store anything in plain sight. This magnetic strips for knives is especially useful. Using it saves space in your drawers and provides easy access while still maintaining an appealing aesthetic.

Home Basics Medium Non-Woven Storage Box($2 at
A collapsible box like this is great for storing smaller items. I found similar ones at the 99 Cent Store and use them in my shoe organizer to store socks and pajamas! They can also be used out in the open to store pens, keys, and anything that would go in your “junk drawer.”

Joy Mangano My Little Steamer Go Mini Hand Steamer($19.99 at
If the art of ironing is lost on you, a small steamer like this is here to the rescue. It doesn’t take up as much space as an ironing board and iron and you can match it with your color scheme. Plus, getting wrinkles out of clothes takes just a sec and unsightly creases are no more!

Honey Can Do Basic Shirt Hanger, Maple Finish($14.69 for a 20 pack at
Wooden hangers add a touch of sophistication to any closet. Compared to plastic hangers, they’re a lot more appealing. They also last longer, are much stronger, and you don’t have to worry about bends.

Dionne Evans

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