Treat Yo’ Self (Without Breaking the Bank) With These Upscale Everyday Products

First of all, I ask that you forgive me for the title of this article; I couldn’t resist. The phrase has constantly been at the back of my mind since Parks and Recreation made the line famous. If I question whether or not I should get myself something a little extra, I hear Aziz Ansari’s voice reply “Treat yo’ self.” Should I buy that purse? Treat yo’ self. Eat crab for dinner? Treat yo’ self. Do I really need to splurge on a massage? Treat yo’ self. It’s gotten to the point where I believe I deserve any and everything because I earned it, right? Though I may deserve everything I want, I can’t always afford it. So, I compromise. Instead of buying whatever I want on a whimsy, I purchase high-quality versions of things that I really need. Do you want your life to feel a little more luxurious without constantly shoveling over extra dough? Treat yo’ self to the items on this list.

Quip Electric Toothbrush(sets from $25 at
Quip toothbrushes are like the iPhones of toothbrushes. With sleek designs and plenty of accessories to choose from(like a wall mount, for instance), the brushes are made to make brushing easier. You can also get automatic refills and rewards for making it to your dentist appointments.

Third Love Bras(from $68 at
If you have issues with your current undergarments, Third Love is here to the rescue. With their Fit Finder, you can let them know your breast shape, the fit issues you currently suffer from, your preferred cup type, and the size of your favorite bra so that they can calculate what product of theirs will be the perfect fit(literally). Plus, their bras come in half-sizes which is a lifesaver to a lot of us. You can also try before you buy.

Hustle Stone Paper Planner($19.44 at
Stone Paper, which is made from calcium carbonate collected from waste material at existing limestone quarries, is a lot better for the environment than “pulp paper.” It uses less energy and doesn’t cause harm to trees. The Hustle Stone Paper Planner is the first planner made out of stone paper and it looks quite nice. Plus, it includes a world map, bucket list, tips and advice, inspirational quotes, and more to make the day-to-day a little more special.

Seoul Stone Shower Sensation Tri-function($19.98 at
This shower head, which was mentioned in Make Your House a Home, is an affordable luxury. It looks great and reduces water impurity, chlorine, and bacteria with its two layers of mineralized stones.

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