Never Been Better Easy Steps to Becoming Healthier

Though I’m far away from losing enough pounds to reach my goal weight, I’ve learned a lot while working with my new personal trainer. Because I know not everyone can afford to pay someone to work out with them or even a gym membership itself(visit sfsdSocial Butterfly for a gym membership alternative), I’ve decided to share some of the new wisdom that comes with working out with a professional.

Don’t “Diet”
While you should definitely make some changes to how you eat, don’t restrict yourself too much. Instead, figure out how many calories, carbs, sugars, protein, and fats you should be eating a day then alter what you eat to attain those goals. You don’t want to eat too much sugar, but you also don’t want to skip out on protein. Download a fitness app like Fitness Pal that can help you calculate what you need monitor what you actually eat.

Don’t Cleanse/Detox Too Much
While detoxes are a great way to prepare you for your new healthy lifestyle, doing it too much can negate all of the benefits. Do it twice a year to help boost your metabolism. Anything more will deprive you of much-needed nutrients and can make you lose muscle.

Create a Routine But Switch it Up Often
If all you’re doing is squats and lunges every workout, all you’ll be working is your legs and the rest of your body will suffer. While it’s great to create a schedule for when you need to workout, sleep, eat, etc., you should play around with your workouts. That way, all body parts get equal love and you won’t overwork any body part. Plus, surprising your body with a new workout now and then also boosts your metabolism!

This is very important. Whether you prefer to stretch before or after your workout(or both!), it’s a necessary part of fitness. It prevents cramps, aches, and from you pulling a tense muscle during a move. Plus, it feels good! End a workout with a good stretch and I promise you’ll be so relaxed you might fall asleep. Oh, and you’ll become more flexible.

Know What to Eat, When
Don’t end a workout and then go straight to the freezer for ice cream(or do, I’m not your boss after all). You don’t want to negate all your hard work. You don’t want to prevent yourself from making progress or having a successful sweat session, after all. Before workouts, starch is okay(think white rice) because it will turn into energy to help get you pumped up for your workout. After a workout, fill up on protein. This will help keep those muscles in tact.

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