Work Smarter, Not Harder A Few Tips For Excelling at Work

In a world where our jobs are insecure and we can potentially be replaced by a robot, online service, or another person eagerly waiting for the opportunity we have, it’s important that our employer knows how we are a valuable asset. Whether you are just starting a new job or working towards a much-deserved promotion, here’s a foolproof way to make your work-ethic standout from the pack.

Adapt to Change and Keep a Positive Attitude
Often times, there are changes in a workplace that may affect your job in ways you might not like. Don’t be the person that instantly complains about changes without fully understanding why they are being made. Express your concerns, give feedback, and create solutions to problems. Don’t rally your coworkers and spread negative thoughts and feelings- this is extremely annoying to your employer. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable because business is always evolving.

Acknowledge Your Boss’s Work
Show your boss some love without being a kiss-ass. Point out how something your boss implemented made an impact. Your boss will appreciate your feedback and it’ll be more effective than complimenting their outfit or trying to be their best friend which will likely annoy them.

Don’t Miss a Beat!
Take every opportunity to shine. If you’re asked to participate in a side project or task, accept it with gratitude. A few extra hours at work might mean canceling plans with friends(or the TV), but everyone appreciates someone that goes the extra mile.

Stay Passionate
Remember why you enjoy your job and find ways to keep the passion there. Set goals for yourself to stay motivated and challenge your colleagues to do the same.

Estephan Armenta

Estephan Armenta is a makeup artist and Face Designer with Giorgio Armani Beauty. He's inspired by strong women and is passionate about helping them feel gorgeous from the inside out. Estephan has an eye for spotting makeup trends fresh off the runway and incorporates them into women's everyday routines. He's obsessed with skincare and wants to share his best tips and favorite products with Hair, Books, & Sugar.

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