Cream and Sugar Skincare Products to Add to Your Daily Routine

Though I often change up my beauty routine(I have so many products I want to try!), I still get excited whenever I find a product that improves the look and feel of my skin. I don’t wear makeup frequently but I wash my face and moisturize every day. So, when something I really love comes along, I stick to it as long as I can to reap the benefits. Below are reviews of the newest items to my beauty collection. They all help keep dry skin at bay and keep you feeling great after each use.

Regenessence 3.R Multi-Corrective Rejuvenating Cream($220 at

Currently, this product is sold out almost everywhere it’s sold. I was very lucky to be gifted the cream, which did just what it says it will: rejuvenate. I’ve been using it daily and it has made my skin noticeably smoother. Someone even told me recently that my skin looks clearer than normal! I love the compliments and that the cream adds a certain glow to my skin which can sometimes lean more towards the dry and dull side. I fully understand why everyone is trying to get their hands on this gem.

Whish Sugar Scrub in Lavender($38 at

I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again; I’m not a big fan of scrubs and exfoliators. My skin is very sensitive and usually ends up red and sore after each use. Whish Sugar Scrub, however, is gentle enough for me to use and it feels great while I use it. Plus, I love love love how smooth my skin feels after each use.
HBS Tip: The scrub may leave a greasy residue. Don’t apply lotion to your skin after you use the product and you’ll be just fine. Even if you shower at night, you’ll still wake up with smooth skin.

Sorion Natural Moisturizing Cream($20.99 at

This cream is meant for extremely dry/itchy skin and to combat symptoms from Psoriasis. I decided to try it because of how bad my eczema had gotten but have seen other benefits as well. Not only did it put a stop to the itchiness on my legs, but it also soothed my dry and cracked elbows. It’s made with coconut oil and neem, so it’s a great moisturizer and other ingredients include turmeric, Indian madder, and sweet Indra Jao. I saw results instantly after trying the cream.

Dionne Evans

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