Globetrotters What Type of Traveler Are You?

There are many different types of travel; it can be overwhelming. Once you know your travel style, though, reviewing your options becomes easier. I know, for instance, that I am absolutely not an adventure traveler. I do not want to trek anywhere or jump off of anything, though I might enjoy a hike or snorkel sesh while on a trip. Knowing that(and being a travel agent of course), allows me to take some options off the table and get closer to finding my perfect trip. While I know what I’m not, I can’t say that I can stick to one travel style every trip. I might want to go on a relaxing weekend getaway one month and then take an in-depth tour of a place I’ve never been another month. So, one day I might be more of a leisure traveler and the next I might be more of a cultural traveler.

One benefit of knowing the type of traveler you are, is that it makes it easier to narrow down your choices. If you know what type of travel you will enjoy on your next vacation, then your search will have more of what you want and your travel agent can provide the perfect suggestions for you. Below is a list of a few types of travel along with trip ideas for each style.

Adventure Travel
This type of travel involves going to remote or exotic locations then taking part in either physically challenging or outdoor activities. Soft adventure, for example, may include a nature hike. Hard adventure, on the other hand, would likely include something more adrenaline pumping like skydiving or cliff-jumping. If you’re just getting into the adventure scene, traveling with a guided tour is a good option because activities are included in the cost and you’ll be guided by a professional. Because adventure travelers tend to be on the younger side, tour vendors like Contiki(which caters to those ages 18-40) offer plenty of hardcore trips to choose from. However, if you’re brave enough, going independently can save you money and will give you the freedom of creating your own schedule.

Leisure Travel
If shut-eye and relaxation are what you’re after, leisure travel may be for you. Instead of constantly being on the go, with leisure travel, you’ll have more me-time. You can either go on a guided tour with later starts(Insight, for example, has days with what’s called “Relaxed Starts” which means your day won’t begin until after 9:00 am which is considered late compared to most other tours) and slower paces. A cruise might be a great option as well. Choose something catered to adults(so, skip Carnival and Royal Caribbean) so that there will be quieter areas on the ship for you to go and chill. Another plus with cruises: on the days you’re at sea, you can stay in your room all day and order room service.

Cultural Travel
For those who really want to get involved with the locals and learn how they live, cultural travel is the way to go. You’ll have opportunities for relaxation or adventure, but your days will mostly be filled with exploring the local areas and meeting those who make up the community. It provides a more enriching experience than most other types of travel and allows you to really learn about the destination. Taking a guided tour is the best option for this type of travel because you’ll be guided by someone who is familiar with the area and who speaks the language. Insight Vacations has optional excursions under the “Live Like a Local” category and in those tours, you’re taken to a local’s home/business to interact with them, learn about what they do, and enjoy a meal.

Luxury Travel
Have champagne taste with a beer budget? Luxury travel isn’t necessarily out of your reach. The “you get what you pay for” saying tends to be true but whether you have a strict budget or just want more bang for your buck, there are options out there for you. If you don’t have too much to spend but you want the 5-star treatment, Luxury Gold(which is the upscale product by Insight) offers reasonable pricing. If what you really want is the best value for your money, then tour vendor Abercrombie & Kent and river cruise line Uniworld might be for you. The price is going to be more than with their competitors but that’s because they include more as well. Typically, after you round up all the additional costs you’ll be spending on a trip in addition to a package with a less expensive vendor, you’ll find that the total is around what you’ll get for your package with either of these companies and mostly everything is already included. Uniworld, for instance, is the only truly “all-inclusive” river cruise and already includes gratuities, airport transfers, all dining and beverages, excursions, fitness classes, and internet while most cruise lines charge extra for these services.

These are the most popular types of travel but they’re not the only ones. Other types of travel include recreational travel, religious travel, and family travel and there are plenty of companies that cater to these and other niches as well. Let me know if you have any questions or need tips for your next trip and I’d be happy to help!

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