Like I Never Left Experience The World Without Leaving Home

As a travel agent, I have a constant case of wanderlust. Between helping people plan their dream trips and learning about all of the products I sell(cruises, resorts, guided tours, oh my!), all my time is spent thinking about travel. While I get great discounts and sometimes have opportunities to travel on my company’s dime, it’s never enough! So, I have to find other ways to satiate my craving for traveling the world. Here are just a few ways to feel like you’ve gone somewhere exotic without so much as leaving your neighborhood.

Eat Exotic Foods
There are multiple ways to access food you’ve never tried before. Trying out cultural markets(there are tons of Vietnamese markets in my neighborhood, for example) or ordering in(you can get anything delivered!) are a couple options. Or, a subscription to a service like Try The World(, for example, is a great way to integrate unfamiliar foods with your everyday cuisine while learning about their origins.

Tour books and travel magazines may not be the way to go(the pictures make you wish you were there even more), but reading a first-person novel about someone from a country you’ve never been to or a culture you’re not familiar with is a great way to learn something new. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled somewhere new without even leaving your couch!

Go to a Cultural Event
Getting involved in local events is a great way to meet diverse groups of people and immerse yourself in new cultures/experiences. Check out a local events calendar to see what’s happening in your area. Big cities like Los Angeles and New York have no shortage of such events and you can find everything from festivals to concerts.

Dionne Evans

Dionne Evans, the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of HBS, is a graduate from Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Communication Arts. She has been a professional writer for over 7 years and loves everything food, beauty, and travel related. For more information on Dionne, visit:

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