Out of Sight, Out of Mind Beauty Products for Forgotten Areas

If you’re on this site, reading this article(which you are, I know), you’re likely a beauty fanatic like me. Many of the articles on HBS revolve around beauty products and there are always tips to be found regarding skin, nail, and hair care. While you might read HBS and similar magazines often and try every beauty product you can get your hands on, you might still be forgetting something(s). For those of us who have everything else covered, here are products that target often forgotten areas.


Chromacake($27 at maccosmetics.com)

Yes, ear makeup is now a thing and has been since Paris Fashion Week 2014. Whether you use MAC’s “colour cake” made for body painting or just cover up flaws with foundation, your ears will appreciate the love.

Paraffin Candles($19.99 at walgreens.com)

While ear candles are not new, they’re still not used very often. Whether or not they have “healing” properties is still up in the air but they do clean out your ears and can help relieve ringing.


Nios Shield Leave-In Conditioner SPF 15($26 at niosshield.com)

When applying sunscreen, our scalps don’t usually come to mind. However, the often neglected spot is more prone than other areas to get burned. Luckily, there are sprays, lotions, and leave-in-conditioners to the rescue that prevent sunburn while keeping your do intact.

Not Your Mother’s Scalp & Hair Booster Shot($8.99 at ulta.com)

There are plenty of products claiming to help your hair grow longer. Many of them, though, don’t get to the root of the problem(sorry not sorry): a healthy scalp. This product by Not Your Mother’s uses procapil to help strengthen and grow your hair.


Glytone Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream($54 at dermstore.com)

Ashy elbows are not cute. Instead of hiding them under long sleeves, take action. Use a cream like Glytone’s that uses ingredients like Vitamin E to soften and hydrate skin.


Revitalash 3.5‑Ml Advanced Eyelash Conditioner(from $54 at nordstrom.com)

Mascara and makeup removers and damage eyelashes, making them dry and brittle. Use an eyelash conditioner to restore health and soften lashes. REVITALASH promises this product addresses visual signs of “eyelash aging.”

Dionne Evans

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