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I don’t know about you, but I personally love the feel of soft, smooth skin. Though I don’t use the same exact products daily(there’s so much to try!), I do have a daily and nightly routine. At night, I wash my face with a moisturizing cleanser or exfoliator in the shower, once I’m dry I pat on a serum(usually packed with skin-enhancing nutrients), then I apply a thick moisturizing night cream. In the morning, I simply apply a light moisturizer with SPF. I stick to this routine pretty consistently(see the benefits of keeping a routine in Creating a Beauty Routine for Smooth Skin) though I love to try different trends and unique products sporadically to keep things interesting. Here are some beauty trends on my list to try next.

Double Cleansing
If you’ve heard of the 10-Step K-beauty skincare routine, then you know that double cleansing is one(er two) of the steps in the routine. Double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like: washing your face twice, but you’re not using the same cleanser each time. The two-step process starts with an oil cleanser and lukewarm water to rid your skin of oil and bacteria. Next is the foam cleanser which, according to Korean women who swear by the routine, will make your skin more radiant and smooth.
HBS Tip: The 10-step routine starts first by removing makeup with a moisturizing towelette. Add this step before doing the double cleanse to make it even more effective.

Essence Spray
Another Korean beauty staple, essence spray is the perfect skin pick-me-up. It cools the skin on contact and moisturizes skin. The spray can be used throughout the day; spritz it on if you’re feeling hot/sweaty, or to fight the appearance of fatigue during a tough work day. Bonus: essence sprays are also used as makeup protectors. With just one spray, it’ll act as a makeup protecting barrier and will keep your look good as new all day.

Gemstone Facial
While not new(it’s a centuries-old therapy), gemstone facials have only recently gained traction in the mainstream beauty industry. The benefits of this type of facial are impressive: reduces wrinkles, balances uneven skin tone, relaxes tight facial and neck muscles, creates more radiant skin. The benefits come from the minerals, which gemstones have plenty of. Calcium and magnesium relaxes and constricts blood vessels and protect cell membrane, Zinc boosts the skin’s immune system and regulates oil glands. Copper maintains elasticity in skin. Iron aids in oxygenating skin tissue. Different gemstones have different benefits based on which minerals they’re made up of. While getting an in-spa treatment can cost you upwards of $200, you can also find more affordable kits online for around $50 and up.

Charcoal Anything
Whether in a mask or cleanser, charcoal offers some amazing skincare advantages. Activated charcoal draws out poisons, bacteria, and chemicals and helps fight acne. All of these abilities are why beauty brands are adding the detoxifier to all their products, even hair products! Whether you want flawless skin or voluminous hair, products with charcoal are a great go-to.

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