Happy Haunting! Don’t Let Halloween Break The Bank

Halloween is right around the corner and the horror flicks, costume parties, and candy-bingeing are here. While all the festivities are fun, they can rack up expenses as well. Decorations, costumes, and candy add up to quite a bit. To prevent a credit card bill spook, here are money-saving ideas that will help you enjoy the celebration.

Make Your Own Everything
If they DIY bug hasn’t hit you yet, think about this: the dollar store has everything you need to make the spookiest decorations if you don’t already like their ready-made ones. Stock up on their craft supplies and you can make creepy wreathes, costumes, and add flair to your jack-o-lanterns.

Put a Pause on the Pumpkin Picking
Oh, alliteration, how I love thee. But really, if you wait until October 30 to purchase your pumpkin, you can save some money. Also, by carving it the day before or of Halloween, you’ll avoid having a rotten pumpkin spoil the big day.

Buy Candy From a Warehouse
Buying your candy in bulk can save you some money. Plus, you’ll have so much candy you won’t have to be stingy and the kids will surely appreciate that.

Have Movie Night at Home
There are way too many scary movies out there to pay $10 or more to see each one at the theater. Instead, host a horror movie night at home with friends. Tell them to bring the treats and you’ll provide the flicks. It’s much scarier to watch at home with just a few people than to see it in a packed theater anyway.

Go to a Halloween Party Instead of an Event or Haunted House
Visiting Halloween attractions can start adding up; a $50 haunted house here, $20 for a spooky corn maze there. Your friends, family, and coworkers might surprise you with their Halloween antics. You can also look out for inexpensive or free local events.

Dionne Evans

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